Home of the Historic Coupeville Wharf and Greenbank Farm in the Heart of Whidbey Island

Agendas, Minutes, & Documents

The Commission of the Port District of Coupeville meets on the second Wednesday of every month at 10 a.m. at the Masonic Lodge at 804 Main Street North in Coupeville or  ​Jim Davis House, Greenbank Farm, 765 Wonn Road, Suite E in Greenbank.  In accordance with Port of Coupeville Resolution 224, all regular meetings are preceded by a fifteen-minute work session for the purpose of reviewing proposed minutes, vouchers, and other agenda items.

The minutes posted on this website have been approved and released by the Board of Commissioners. Questions and comments on these minutes may be addressed to the Executive Director at executivedirector@portofcoupeville.org.

Documents for Current Meeting

2/13/2019:  February Meeting Documents


Documents from Previous Board of Commissioners Meetings

2/11/2019:  February Special Meeting Documents

1/9/2019:  January Meeting Documents

12/12/2018:  December Meeting Documents

11/14/2018:  November Meeting Documents

11/6/2018:  November Special Meeting Documents

10/10/2018:  October Meeting Documents

09/12/2018:  September Meeting Documents

08/08/2018: August Meeting Documents

07/11/2018: July Meeting Documents

06/13/2018: June Meeting Documents

05/09/2018: May Meeting Documents

04/11/2018: April Meeting Documents

03/14/2018: March Meeting Documents

02/14/2018:  February Meeting Documents

1/10/2018: January Meeting Documents

12/11/2017: December Meeting Documents

11/8/2017: November Meeting Documents

10/9/2017: October Meeting Documents

9/19/2017: September Meeting Documents

6/14/2017: June Meeting Documents

5/10/2017: May Meeting Documents

5/10/2017: Executive Director Employment Agreement and Job Description

4/12/2017: April Meeting Documents

4/12/2017: Resolution 232 – Appointment of Claims Agent

4/12/2017: Tort Claims Form to accompany Resolution 232

4/12/2017: Port of Coupeville Rent Study for Greenback Farm

4/12/2017: Port of Coupeville Rent Study for Coupeville Wharf

4/12/2017: Resolution 233 – Close bank account and rescind resolution 217

4/12/2017: Resolution 234 – Appointment of Investment and Auditing Officers

4/12/2017: Proposed Fee Schedule for Greenbank Farm Facilities

3/08/2017: Resolution 229 – Revised Marina Policies and Fees​

3/08/2017: Resolution 230 – Revision to POC Bylaws

3/08/2017: Resolution 231 – Public Records Act Policy

3/08/2017: 2017 Contract for On Site Wastewater Treatment System Monitoring

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