The History of Coupeville Wharf

What To Do at the Coupeville Wharf

Coupeville Wharf History

The most iconic structure in town, the Coupeville Wharf on Penn Cove is a symbol of the seafaring days of old and the rural character that still surrounds it today. Today, the Wharf hosts a boat dock with kayak rentals, small gift shops, and a restaurant.

Wharf History

Before 1905, There were several early wharves at Penn Cove in the latter half of the 1800s that had been built for passenger travel and importing and exporting products between the island and the mainland. The problem with these early wharves was that most could only be used at extreme high tide. Historical records are sketchy, but the following wharfs are known to have existed, including: Robertson’s Wharf, Happy Jack’s, and Pearson Wharf. Activation of Fort Casey in 1901 brought a larger population quickly to Central Whidbey. In 1905, to accommodate the growth, local merchants and farmers built a 500 foot wharf at the foot of Alexander Street to accommodate the growth of population and commerce. This wharf is the current wharf in Coupeville.

Above: History of the Coupeville Wharf by Island County 4-HD Club

Above: An Interview with Roger Sherman about
the history of Coupeville Wharf, by Island County 4-HD Club