Port Projects

Current Projects

Project & Initiative Selection Guidelines

To further its mission and fulfill its values, the Board of Commissioners of the Port of Coupeville will evaluate each project or initiative, prioritizing projects and initiatives that best achieve the following economic, and stewardship criteria. The degree to which a project or initiative meets each criteria shall be integral to establishing its priority for selection. 

The implementation of any project or initiative shall be guided by the preceding Strategic Statements and the following criteria:


  • Prudent use of Port District resources.
  • Sustains or enhances the economic health and stability of the Port district.
  • Contributes to the diversity of economic activity in the Port district.
  • Capacity to achieve and sustain positive short- and long-term financial outcomes.
  • Feasibility of funding opportunities from public or private sector sources.
  • Compatibility with existing or planned economic activities/development efforts of private industry or other public entities.


  • Exemplifies good stewardship of the land and marine environments and resources.
  • Appropriate scale for Central Whidbey and the specific location of the project or activity.
  • Sustains and/or enhances Central Whidbey (all or some of the following criteria):
    • Rural character
    • Historic sites or structures
    • Natural environment
    • Agricultural activity
    • Public access to the water

For final selection, all projects or initiatives must be determined by the Board of Commissioners of the Port of Coupeville to meet all or some of the following criteria.


  • In the best interests of the Central Whidbey community and the Port District.
  • Public awareness and involvement in the planning.
  • Public support.
  • Inclusion of viable public or private partners committed to value-added participation.


To be selected, all projects or initiatives must be within the legal authority of the Port of Coupeville to execute and be:

  • Within the limits and authorization of Washington State laws pertaining to Port districts
  • Compliant with all federal, state and local laws and regulations.