Home of the Historic Coupeville Wharf and Greenbank Farm in the Heart of Whidbey Island

Port Projects

Projects Accepting Donations

There are currently three main projects the Port is seeking donations on, they are:

  1. New fencing materials supporting a new Boots to Roots Veteran farming program starting March 2019.
  2. Redesigning the entryway to the Historic Coupeville Wharf – Estimate is TBD
  3. Rehabilitating the piles and caps on the Coupeville Wharf Pile Replacement Project- Estimated to be done in phases over 6 years at an estimated cost of $1.2 Million.  We are looking into grants as well as a tax levy lid lift in 2019.

Please know there are many needs to support both historic properties, so if you would like 100% of your donation to support another project, just call us!

Current Projects:

We are in the beginning phases of the Coupeville Wharf Pile, Cap and Bents rehabilitation project.  An updated cost structure was just done March 12, and permit engineering drawings are to be completed by April 1, 2019.

Funding is our priority at the moment and we are applying for RCEDF funds, or .09 funds, as well as a tax levy lid lift if .09 funding does not come through (Plan A & Plan B).  Please click on the link below for a draft Gantt Chart or Timeline of major benchmarks for the project.

Wharf Rehabilitation Milestone Timeline

You can see the three (3) phase cost structure of the project here:  Revised Engineer’s Cost Estimates

Though we are planning on a 3 to 4-year project timeline, it is quite possible for this project to take up to 6 years!  This is mainly due to permitting and timing.  Permitting can take 6 months to 1.5 years, and in-water construction is limited and only allowable between July 15th to February 15th of each year.

Want to do business with the Port?

The Port of Coupeville subscribes to MRSC Rosters, a shared online database for Small Works, Consultants, and Vendors. To be eligible to work on projects you are required to register (FREE) at www.mrscrosters.org and select the Port of Coupeville in your account. If you are already a member of MRSC Rosters please add the Port of Coupeville to your account.

For registration questions, please contact MRSC Rosters at mrscrosters@mrsc.org or 206-436-3798. If you have questions about Port of Coupeville projects please contact us at executivedirector@portofcoupeville.org or 360-222-3151.

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