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Our Greenbank Farm Community is Amazing!

March 23, 2018

I wanted to share what an amazing feeling it was to see this community come together to support this land here at the Greenbank Farm.  I was not a part of the community movement 20 years ago to save this farm from development, but I was a part of it last Sunday when the community came out to support the Greenbank Farms continued health.  My deep appreciation and respect to Mikel and Sam, our newest edition to the farm family, of Seaside & Sylvan, as well as their team, to lead such a wonderful event!  I learned yesterday that 20% of all sales for the day from the merchant team were going to the roof repair…I cannot show enough appreciation for your commitment to this process…thank you! Likewise, the community came out and shared this day, with some making donations to further the roof repair effort.  When the day was over, and donations were submitted from Santa during December, this community raised over $2600.00 to repair the roof on Barn A!  And that is not all, Judy and Bob Moore collected over $700 in donations that are still to be submitted, bringing the total to over $3300.00!  The project cost is going to be around $15,000.00, so if we get a grant from the RCEDF, this project could be completed in September of this year.

It means the world to me that we are working together, as a community, not just as a Port, to rebuild and maintain this historic land and its buildings.  I learned this morning from Kellie Tormey that the farm is not listed with the state as a historic property.  Kellie, my new and amazing teammate, is going to start working on that designation later in June, after she applies for a state historic grant to support the Barns even further.  There is so much to do, and so much to accomplish, but I know one thing…it cannot be done without people like you, community like you, so thank you a million times over for your support and positive communications!


To the future…

Chris Michalopoulos

Executive Director, Port of Coupeville

Last modified: March 23, 2018

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