Coupeville Wharf Rehabilitation Project

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Coupeville Wharf Rehabilitation Project

Dear Community,

It has been almost five years since our Island County Commissioners awarded the Port a grant to repair the piles/caps, as well as when the Port submitted the JARPA permit.  The Port submitted the JARPA December 28th 2019 and received the permit exactly three years later on December 28th, 2022!  This has been a tiring and challenging process, but we are now moving forward! This is an exciting time for the wharf, as well as our community.  We started the wharf re-roof project the end of April, and the wharf should have a new roof by May 24th!  The gutters should be completed by the end of May. We will be going out to bid for the long anticipated pile & cap repair June 3rd, with a notice to proceed work for September 15th.  We are planning on all work being finished by December 31st, 2023! We are also in the process of working with our engineers for the seismic stabilization of the walls, and hope to execute that Spring of 2024.  If you visit our wharf building you will notice considerable movement on our West and East facing walls.  Though some of this movement is normal, we want to shore up those walls increasing their abilities to handle movement.  Part of the pile replacement project is to add eight (8) stainless steal piles to the West and East side of the wharf structure.  This will allow for a more stabilized foundation. We are finalizing the process of purchasing three new sets of double doors (front, back entryway and Penn Cove Outfitters), which should be completed by September 2023. This is the first phase in a total rehabilitation of all doors and windows for the building.  Along with this is the rehabilitation and/or replacement of the building siding, which will remain true to spec when it was first built, utilizing 8″ shiplap siding.  We will begin a complete restoration of the siding, windows, and remaining doors in 2024. We are planning that by the end of 2024, beginning of 2025, the wharf building will have been completely rehabilitated to the highest standards for historic structures, from its shiny new roof, gutters and trim, down through the walls, windows, doors onto the new piles and caps, possibly complete with new deck planking as well. We will also be starting the permitting process for the replacement of the boat dock in 2023. Here is a list of other projects that have been completed:

  • New water line
  • New sewer line
  • New sewage pump out for boaters
  • Fiber Optic Internet run out to wharf shack
  • In process of engineering options for a more efficient septic system
  • In process of replacing fuel tanks

It is a joy to be sharing this information with you, as you have been so supportive in this endeavor.   Thank you for the privilege of serving you! Chris Michalopoulos Executive Director